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      • and This One's Too Hot.
        Heat is very detrimental to wine. And by heat, I mean 65 degrees and above. Room temperature, 68-70 and above, will damage your wine, higher temperatures will damage your wine faster. If a wine is subjected to temperature swings, even in short-term storage, it gets cooked. You loose flavors, you los

      • This One's Too Cold
        Cool temperature lengthens the maturing age of your bigger wines (not necessarily your better wines). Now this is subjective, some people like their wine young, where some people like it mature, but mature wine is more much subtle. With proper aging, different tastes come out. If the temperature is

      • Children and Wine Cellars
        Children can do a lot of damage to themselves and to the wine in a poorly designed cellar or storage area. They break bottles, try to climb racks and can get very seriously hurt if racks fall on top of them or if glass breaks. Make sure you have a deadbolt lock on that door and a key where they can&

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