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      • Let there NOT be light
        Light and UV damages wine. It's a pretty straightforward relationship: Light = bad. My neighbors got one of those cute little wine refrigerators at Home Depot. I told them get rid of the "display" light inside there. Turn it off, take out the bulb, whatever you have to do. Sure it mig

      • Home Wine Storage
        Do me one favor, those wine racks above your built-in refrigerator look great, but donít EVER put your wine up there. All of the heat from your refrigerator motor is going to do nothing but cook that wine. That compressor runs constantly and there is only one place for that heat to go.<br><

      • Better v. bigger
        Bigger wines (not always necessarily the better wines) need time to age. Some wines need time to mature and open up and come to life. When they're young they're very full of tannins that need to settle out and mellow out over time. A big wine needs to soften, and that's why you need t

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