Top 3 Cellar Construction Mistakes  
Monday, May 1, 2006, 08:41 PM - Wine Storage, Cellar Features, What Not to Do
I don't care how many great builders and contractors you know. Unless they have actually built (a lot of) wine cellars (and done it the right way), you're asking for trouble. Over the years I have had to correct so many situations where a general contractor cost the homeowner a lot money by going about it in the wrong way. Unless your builder has studied exactly how to build the wine cellar room, they're likely going to make at least one of the "top 3" mistakes:

3) Using the wrong type of insulation
2) Finishing the room with drywall instead of greenboard, which is denser and more temperature/moisture resistant
1) Neglecting to install a complete vapor barrier

Whether you hire us or not, get it done right.
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Vapor Barriers 
Saturday, January 14, 2006, 10:19 AM - Wine Storage, Cellar Features, What Not to Do
What many builders don't realize is that the vapor barrier is an integral part of construction of the cellar. It stops warm outside air from entering and cool inside air from leaving because when the two mix, you get moisture. Warm, cold, moisture, condensation, BOOM you get MOLD. You don't want mold in your cellar. You also don't want the humidity level to fluctuate or dry out because you don't want the corks to dry out. So if the builder wants to sell you a "wine cellar" in your new home, make sure it's not just another room with some refrigeration added.
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